Cloud solutions.

What does that exactly mean?

Cloud has benefits, especially for the one man band without much computer knowledge. What it actually is? is online storage. No matter how the likes of Microsoft or others portray it. Along with the storage, they often allow you to bundle in apps (Such as Word, Excel etc) and charge you on a monthly basis for their use. Now for the smaller one man band this is a godsend. No worries about buying software, and also you get someone else to backup all your files. Rather win win. Downside, monthly subscription.

Alternative solution for data.

We can supply a small computer box that sits in the corner of your office, the data never leaves your building, and will be accessible from wherever you are. Safe in the knowledge that you have control of your own information. Sort of your OwnCloud. If you already have an office suite you use, or account software, this can work out much cost effective over the year.

Cloud phones. (Hosted voip)

BT and many others offer this service at varying prices. What it means is that you have a phone on your desk, connected to a virtual telephone exchange over the internet. This can be quite a cost saving over a convention phone system. The downside is the monthly fee that you will have to pay. Always look into annual cost, as often it is cheaper to buy your own small voip exchange. And have the ability to own the number you use, and move it where you like.